Forspoken will coming up to all fans in a few times!

Who’s waiting this role-playing video game?

You may so excited to welcoming the game,

But you need to be more patience this time

Unfortunately, Forspoken will delayed its release date, again.

We know that, this is not the first delay announcement for Forspoken

Previously, the game scheduled to be release on May 24,

Then, Square Enix reschedule the game release date in October

So, it supposed to be a few months to go

But another reschedule coming for this game

In a post on the game’s Twitter page,

The developer Luminous Productions,

A team made up of Final Fantasy XV developers, states that Forspoken is largely complete and is in the final polishing phase.

It describes the delay as a “strategic decision” and that we’ll learn more about the game in the near future.

It means, we won’t meet the the adventure drops Frey this year,

A modern-day New Yorker, in the fantasy world of Athia

Where she acquires magical powers and a sentient talking bracelet.

She’ll use her newfound abilities to free Athia from tyranny

While also searching for a way back to her world.

Of course most of us feel disappointed, but nothing we can do.

then, based on the information release, you will meet the game next year.

Specifically in january