Apex Legends; Things About Newcastle Is Here!


The Apex Legends is a free-to-play that focus one the battle royale-hero shooter game

But, there is a growing place for defensive play in its meta.

Gibraltar and Rampart have shown that opting for protection over aggression can be vital to success in some situations,

And it seems Respawn has taken notice of that trend with the game’s newest defensive legend Newcastle.

The newcastle brings 100% defense to the table,

It is offering absolutely nothing in his kit that aids his team offensively.

That is fine, as his various shields make him an extremely viable option for almost any team composition when used in the right way.

There are some information that you need to know about the Newcastle;

  • Newcastle’s passive ability is Retrieve the Wounded, which allows him to drag downed allies to safety while rezzing them. During this time, he protects them with a small shield that can protect his fallen pal from enemy gunfire.
  • Castle Wall is Newcastle’s ultimate ability. Which sees the legend leap forward and slam down a massive wall shield with varying heights. This allows teammates to fire over the shorter section or hide behind the taller areas. Gunfire will destroy individual sections over time, but it can take quite a beating.

However, you need to remember that your Mobile Shield can be destroyed

While your Mobile Shield can take a bit of a beating, it’s not indestructible.

If the  enemies focus their fire on it, you’ll soon find yourself exposed again.

The shield will divide into upper and lower halves,

Therefore, you need to focus on the bottom part to ensure they expose your legs for easy damage.

If they only destroy the upper segment, however, you can still duck behind the lower section in a pinch until they destroy it, too.

ready for the newcastle? good luck mates!