The Bushy’s Bulb is disabled

The issue with Bushy’s Bulb is quite serious,

Because it always keeps crashing Fortnite regardless of your system configuration.

Even though a few players managed to play with this back bling without any issues,

A lot of players faced the game-crashing issue while playing with Bushy’s Bulb.

That’s the reason why the developers decided to disable it.

Have you already obtained the Bushy’s Bulb in Fortnite?

If the answer is yes, then you may have observed,

That the back bling became unusable in all types of game modes.

Numerous Fortnite lovers around the world are wondering,

What happened with this?

The iFireMonkey the Fortnite dataminer also experience the same thing.

The developers may have some reason for it

Because it brings some vital issues that came into the game.

Will Epic bring it back again?

Or we won’t ever get back the popular back bling in Fortnite?

Let’s dig out the answers.

Epic Games not give any clues about next plan of this

Epic Games hasn’t officially announced the decision

If we will get the Bushy’s Bulb back or not,

However, Epic is quite fast when it comes to fixing in-game bugs.

Therefore, we should wait a few days as Bushy’s Bulb definitely has a chance to come back to the game.

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