Tuesday, November 29, 2022


After a long wait by Valorant players worldwide, Riot Games has finally shed some light on the upcoming agent codenamed ‘Sprinter’, and we can finally get an idea about the new agent, their abilities, and more.

Here’s what we know about the upcoming Valorant agent:

Valorant Agent 19: ‘Sprinter’

The 19th Valorant agent, codenamed ‘Sprinter’, is set to be introduced to the game in early 2022. She’s likely to be a fast-paced agent and will be a ‘rival’ to Jett, the swift Duelist from South Korea. It’s also confirmed that Sprinter will be from the Philippines

‘Sprinter’ Release Date

The exact release date of ‘Sprinter’ is still uncertain. However, players can expect the new Agent to hit the live servers on January 12, 2022, alongside the heavily anticipated Episode 4 Act 1.

‘Sprinter’ Abilities

In their recent ‘State of the Agents’ blog post, the Valorant devs have given us an idea about her potential abilities. While the detailed descriptions of her abilities haven’t been revealed yet, we do know that her abilities will enable her to sprint and slide in and out of combat. It has also been revealed in her reveal trailer that she’ll have an ability involving electricity.

The woman’s voice from the trailer can also be the actual voice lines of the upcoming Agent. In the teaser, she hints to her skills involving electricity as she says, “hope they like getting hit by lightning.” She also warns her enemies to “get ready” because she “goes fast,” which can be another potential teaser to her skill set, possibly her ultimate.

Source: TalkEsports


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