Are you a new Valorant player?

It’s been a while since Riot launched its 5v5 tactical shooter Valorant

And the game has taken the internet by storm;

Now, Riotmoving towards developing a mobile version,

Therefore, many newcomers are still pouring into Valorant.

Are you one of them?

Valorant has a simple objective:,

Either you defend the bomb site from the attackers or plant the spike and ensure it detonates to win a round.

There are other intricacies to the game, but to the core, the game is simple,

Eliminate the opposition then you will win the game.

And to start, Valorant still seems like a tall task.

Being a keyboard-mouse-based game, Valorant still has many factors that come into play while playing Valorant.

As a new Valorant player, these factors  you may need to know including;

  • What mouse sensitivity to use?
  • What is the best crosshair?
  • What is the best aspect ratio?
  • What are the best settings for maximum FPS?

Let’s start with a crosschair,

A crosshair is a pointer which points to the centre of your screen.

It is a personal preference, but when you have a game that encourages spraying or bursting,

Players generally go with a Cross-Shaped Crosshair that is neither too small nor too big and has a small gap.

And some professional players who are infamous for their aim use dot crosshair,

E.g. Scream and Derke.

Then, move to the sensitivity,

It is always a personal preference, but must consider factors such as the availability of desk space.

Lower sensitivity gives you better control,

While higher sensitivity helps you cover a lot of angles without moving your mouse a lot.

Streamers and professionals run a Valorant eDPI of 277,

Which is your in-game sensitivity multiplied by your mouse’s DPI,

That’s means at 400 DPI on your mouse,

You have 0.69 as your in-game sensitivity.

In the Graphics Settings,

Multicore Rendering helps distribute load across multiple cores allowing the game to run smoother.

The quality settings should be low while learning

And can be changed later depending on the system.

Anisotropic Filtering and Anti-Aliasing filtering are Video Filtering techniques;

Thus, using minimum would take the load off your system.

VSync helps to sync frames between Screen refresh rate and In-game FPS

And should be used when In-Game FPS is lower than screen refresh rate,

Or else it would lead to frame tearing.