RoboCop: Rogue City Coming Next Year!


RoboCop: Rogue City will coming soon!

The upcoming video game developed by Teyon and published by Nacon,

And it will released on consoles and PC in June 2023.

The game will feature the voice and likeness of Peter Weller,

Bringing both his likeness and voice to this iconic ’80s character.

Who portrayed Alex Murphy/RoboCop in RoboCop and RoboCop 2.

Protect the innocent and uphold the law.

That’s what Robocop is programmed to do,

And you’ll soon get the chance to see the world through his visor in Robocop: Rogue City,

Furthermore, PlayStation, on their official YouTube, uploading the sneak peek by a trailer

The trailer shows, Robocop’s precision targeting is on display, as is his brute strength,

Which he uses to effortlessly push dumpsters and hurl enemies through the air.

Rogue City tells a new story set around the same time

As Paul Verhoeven’s movie and somehow brings the powerful reboot ED-209 back into the mix.

PlayStation welcome us to Detroit; crime runs rampant as the city lies on the edge of ruin,

Where people fighting for scraps as others live extravagant lives of luxury.

You are that solution, RoboCop, a cyborg tasked with protecting the city.

The triumphant return of RoboCop wouldn’t feel right without the man who brought so much life into the role,

The trailer shows first look at gameplay and for the record,

“dead or alive, you’re coming with me!”

Additionally, this game will available on; PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Switch, and PC