Escape From Tarkov Arena mode waited by many players

There are some whispers and hopes for this game

In other hands, the traditional PvPvE, looter-shooter, raid in, raid out mechanics have remained enjoyable,

Fans are eager to welcome new content in the world of Tarkov.

When it came down to it, an Arena mode simply made so much sense,

And Battlestate Games has been borderline teasing the integration of such a mode for a while.

On June, 4th the Escape from Tarkov ARENA announcement teaser release

At first glance, this may seem like a simple expansion

Escape From Tarkov Arena is actually something far greater.

In a shocking twist, Battlestate Games revealed that Arena is actually a standalone game project

And it will be separate from Escape From Tarkov, the main game.

It’s a spin-off title with its own sub-story, setting, and progression paths,

Also it boasts ‘gladiatorial combat’ in various arenas built in and around Tarkov.

Reportedly, Escape From Tarkov Arena will feature unique PvP and PvE modes,

As well as ‘weapon and gear unlocking systems’.

It previously explained by Battlestate that owners of the ‘Edge of Darkness’ pack,

Which is Tarkov’s premier purchase option, will receive access to this game for free.

For those that own other editions, it’ll require extra payment to get involve,

While for those that don’t own Tarkov at all, you can purchased as a totally separate product.

Unfortunately, according to the current roadmap, it could be 2023 before the Arena is released.

So, you are still asked to be more patience.