Counter Strike : Global Offensive or CSGO come with an updates!

Who’s waiting for new vibes in Counter Strike : Global Offensive?

Happy news for you then!

A new case introduced to the first person tactical shooter.

A moment ago, Counter Strike : Global Offensive brings a brand new weapon case

Dubbed as the Recoil Collection

Which features 17 Weapon Skins finishes alongside an exceedingly rare item

Which may drop a pair of gloves if you’re lucky enough.

Moreover, the 17 weapon skins are spread across the four rarities in the game

As the Recoil case is the sixth case to open a glove collection and not a knife.

The collection headlines the USP-S | Printstream joins the M4A1-S

And Desert Eagle in the Printstream collection

Then, falls under the covert rarity.

The P250 Visions skin has been brought on from the CS:GO workshop.

In fact, the designer of its product come form amazing artists

You can meet them on @cimota_art and @chrisparraart on Twitter.

Thanks to them who successfully create a great art to the game!

Then, there are some shots of the skins you may acquire from the Recoil case;

1. AWP | Chromatic Aberration

2. USP-S | Printstream

3. AK-47 | Ice Coaled

have you tried the new skins on the game?